Fiddly Dicking

A Dose Of Everything About Nothing.

Fiddly Dicks: An Entourage of Humorous Gents at the Mic

Dear Gents of Fiddly Dicking,

As per request, here are my honest thoughts and feedback after listening to a few episodes. Much love to Don for reaching out to me. I always have a fucking blast providing notes and more for the fellow creatives.
Game on.

The audio is superb. We get to hear each and every individual’s cackle and dialogue that really spits spice into the short podcasts. When I began to listen after the new studio the gents have acquired, they greatly embraced their space and with new guests and the same DICK enthusiasm that the podcast is wonderfully known for.

For some podcasts, casting a host’s voice into the listener’s imagination is a test of both itself within the mind and what’s given. Some are stale, some are too much, but the sincere synergy among the FD mates make the podcast an entertaining ride of enjoyable impromptu jokes that it’s hard to not listen to the next episode.

I listened to “Microdosing”, “Two Somersaults and Three Rolls”, and “Some Like It Hot” to gather my thoughts, and I can honestly go on. You allowed the guests to share their commentaries and sources to make them feel more involved. There are a lot of you guys, but I injected a nice dose of what the girl from Chicago and the Stoned chica had to say, share, and laugh.

On paper, multiple dudes hosting a podcast to DICK around sounds moronic, but once the episode commences, the initial judgments cease. In the span of 10-ish minutes, the podcast succeeds at sucking the life out of boredom and promoting it to luxurious hilarity.

Finding a negative aspect was difficult. The runtime is dope, guests are a joy to listen to, and the overall dialogue is hard to not smile at.
Maybe some music could help elevate the groovy experience, but the FIDDLE makes up for it with comedic effect and transitions during conversations.

Keep kicking ass, you guys. You know I’ll be listening for the next round of shenanigans.

-C. Anthony Rivera